• 无止境王国:你神奇的大脑
  • The Kingdom of Infinite Space: A Fantastical Journey Around Your Head
  • 作者:Raymond Tallis
  • 出版社代理人::Atlantic Books(英国)
  • 出版时间:2009年1月
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 “One of Britain’s greatest intellectual all-rounders…Someone who comes closer than most ever will to knowing everything”
“Raymond Tallis is one of the very few contemporary thinks whom I would unequivocally call a genius.”
The Independent-“Brains of Britain”的50人之一
Prospect杂志 -英国最顶级的知识分子之一
Economist - 20位活着的博学者 (living polymath)之一

*作者是英国最受欢迎、最尊重的思想家之一。他在2007年被The Independent封为Brains of Britain的50人之一,评语是: “One of Britain’s greatest intellectual all-rounders…Someone who comes closer than most ever will to knowing everything” 。他在2004年被Prospect杂志选为英国最顶级的知识分子之一。
“The Kingdom of Infinite Space gets the reader to think afresh about everyday experiences such as staring in the mirror, vision, breathing, speaking, hearing, face recognition, laughter, tickling, yawning, sweating, eating, spitting, smoking, vomiting, ageing, sex and death. The pages burst with an entertaining mixture of intriguing facts and thought-provoking observations.” – New Scientist
“An amazing book about the human head, and since its chief stated purpose is to amaze, there can be no higher compliment…I’ve never seen anything like it…A very heady, heady experience…Thrilling.” Lynn Truss, Sunday Times
“Fascinating…A wonderful treasury of stupefying facts, a sort of ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not’ compendium of the extra-ordinary processes that go on inside our fragile skulls…This is a wonderful book, full of passages to make the reader stop and stare, if only in the mirror.” –Michael Simkins, Mail on Sunday
“A sparkling tour of our sense and the way in which we are embodies…[It] makes the world seem a more interesting place and life that much more important.” –Nicholas Fearn, Independent
书名:《米开朗基罗的食指:探讨日常的超越》Michelangelo’s Finger: An Exploration of Everyday Transcendence
作者:Raymond Tallis
出版社:Atlantic Books(英国)

“Pointing out, pointing the way, pointing at, and (usually worse) being pointed at are things we all understand. Their deeper meaning, though, may be another matter. This versatile gesture, Raymond Tallis tells us, is unique to humans. That tells us something about what makes humans special.... with the nature of human being, with what it feels like to be a person... Remarkable.”-- Independent
“Divertingly eccentric... takes in interludes on autism... the philosophy of language and... evolution... Glows with curiosity and good humour.” -- Steven Poole, Guardian
“Raymond Tallis has something in common with Coleridge's Ancient Mariner. He grabs readers as they pass and regales them with extraordinary accounts of impressive journeys... Fascinating.”-- THS
书名:《黑镜:人生的讣告》The Black Mirror: Fragments of an Obituary for Life
作者:Raymond Tallis
出版社:Atlantic Books(英国)

*适合喜欢Alain de Botton及Oliver Sacks的读者
在这本书中,作者思考了人生以及生活的意义。我们存在的最基本概念就是人生是有期限的。作者受到E.M. Forster的引言“Death destroys a man but the idea of it saves him”(死亡能毁掉一个人,但是死亡的理念能拯救他) 邀请读者回顾他們自己的人生,但是这次是透过一个独特的视角:以自己未来的尸体的角度去思考。从这个视角,你才能清楚的看到已离开的世界有多丰富及复杂。
“Strikingly original…The Black Mirror succeeds in capturing the smallness and simultaneous vasteness of a single life.” – Financial Times
“A tremendous, inspiring book…Raymond Tallis is one of the very few contemporary thinks whom I would unequivocally call a genius.” – Stuart Kelly, Scotland on Sunday
“Original and enlightening…It is difficult to summarise what makes this book so appealing. It comes down, as all the best writing does, to the sensibility of the author. Tallis’s is not only a wide and judicious sensibility but a funny, acute and modest one…Wonderful.” – Sally Vickers, Observer
“Full of striking, thoughtful insight, defamiliarising the everyday things we all take for granted.” – New Scientist
Raymond Tallis曾是University of Manchester 的老年医学教授。他是一位诗人、小说家以及哲学家。他在2000年出版过The Raymond Tallis Reader、2004年出版Hippocratic Oaths、2008年出版The Kingdom of Infinite Space、2011年出版Michelangelo’s Finger,2016年出版The Black Mirror。