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  • Illegal
  • 作者:Eoin Colfer以及Andrew Donkin,绘者:Giovanni Rigano
  • 出版社代理人:Hodder Children(英国)
  • 出版时间:2018年8月
  • 页数:144页
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  • Amazon Best Book of the Month!
  • Judges’ Special Award at the Children’s Books Ireland Awards
  • Shortlisted for Children’s Book of the Year in the Irish Book Awards
  • Shortlisted for Tower Hamlets Book Award
本书作者是纽约时报畅销作家Eoin Colfer,本书背后的团队更是知名Artemis Fowl图像小说的团队。Eoin Colfer的书在全球拥有超过2千万的销量,提名过Book Sense Book of the Year、LA Times Book Prize Finalist、Virginia Readers’ Choice Award。Andrew Donkin写过超过60本书以及图像小说,包括为DC Comics写《蝙蝠侠》。Giovanni Rigano的绘画得过许多奖项,经常出席许多欧洲各地的漫画展。
"Illegal powerfully visualizes the current struggles being faced by refugees and emigrants...through stunning, intimate visuals" - Entertainment Weekly

"Many people in first world countries are distressed by the hardships they see in news reports of immigrants fleeing their homelands to escape danger and to find a fulfilling life. However, the impact of these conditions is made much more powerful and personal when readers are taken on such a journey through story... Page-turning action conveys the trickery, violence, desperation, greed, evil, and goodness of humanity. The full-color illustrations are detailed, aptly convey emotions, and occasionally open into spectacular double-page spreads. This title is both riveting and timely. Highly recommended. " - School Library Connection, Highly Recommended

"Moving and informative, Illegal puts an unforgettable human face to the issue of immigration; it is recommended for all readers of middle school level or higher." -ForeWord, STARRED review

"Achingly poignant graphic novel" - Publishers Weekly, STARRED review

"A thrilling and moving addition to any collection, and ideal supplemental reading in classes where students are studying immigration." - School Library Journal

"Action-filled and engaging but considerate of both topic and audience, Ebo's story effectively paints a picture of a child refugee's struggle in a world crisscrossed by hostile borders." - Kirkus, STARRED review

"Moving and heartbreaking... Ebo's story is powerful and necessary, and will encourage readers to help refugees in whatever ways they can." - Bookish

"The horrors Ebo witnesses, the impossibilities he survives, are haunting testimony to the human spirit. Artemis Fowl series creator Colfer (who taught elementary school in Italy, Saudi Arabia, and Tunisia) leads the team... in transforming staggering statistics (UNHCR's 2017 data cites 65.6 million have been forcibly displaced) into a resonating story about a single boy and what remains of his family. Italian artist Rigano's gorgeously saturated panels-rich in details, affecting in its captured expressions, landscapes made spectacular as if a reminder of everyday beauty despite tragedy-proves to be an enhancing visual gift to the already stirring story. A creators' note and quotes from real refugees close out this illuminating, important volume. " - Booklist, STARRED Review

"Raw, realistic, and emotional, this graphic novel puts a harrowing spin on immigration and the risks people take to seek opportunities in other countries.... This graphic novel...makes truths about humanity abundantly clear with the frightening situations and tragic outcomes conveyed through the narrative, emotive illustrations, and the true story in the last five pages. Middle and high schools can use this book in curriculum and recommend it to comic enthusiasts." - VOYA Magazine

"The narrative continues, moving back and forth through time, depicting every new, painful trial--murder, poverty, dehydration, repeated dehumanization--with sensitivity and nuance. Rigano's illustrations show the beauty of the unforgiving landscapes and the individuals desperately seeking a better life; Colfer and Donkin's text is deep and evocative. Illegal is not an easy read but the creators have made the story both approachable to and captivating for a young audience. With the timely subject material and backmatter dedicated to both the refugee experience and the art of creating a graphic novel, Illegal is sure to be a bookseller, librarian and teacher favorite." - Shelf Awareness, STARRED Review